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Prestbury Web Services is a new venture beginning in March 2016 and managed by Oliver Wood, free-lance IT professional and photographer

I have over 20 years experience in web coding, on-line publishing and SEO with many other strings to my proverbial ‘bow’. Prestbury web is intended to fill the gap in IT service provision in so far as it provides a dedicated, low cost, multidisciplinary Webmaster service with a very personal touch. The idea came to me when I discovered that so many people running small businesses had lost all contact with their original web developers, or could no longer afford the considerable on-going expense of web design agencies with contractual arrangements for the upkeep of their websites. As a consequence, a large number of these businesses had stagnant, out-dated sites which they could no longer access or manage themselves.

The other issue for many, is the shear amount of time required to manage an active on-line presence, or even to learn the intricacies of the deep magic we call ‘web coding’. Most people running non IT businesses would find this to be a very onerous task indeed. I am happy to take on all of these responsibilities including liaison with other agencies involved with your on-line business.






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Set up in 2016 by Oliver Wood, Prestburyweb provides support in all aspects of web based media to business & organisations across the UK.


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