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There is no getting away from the fact that social media is now an essential part of web based marketing and it can be one of the most labour intensive aspects of your whole media ‘presence’. Social media management includes everything from simply setting up and branding your accounts to the on-going maintenance of content and dialogues with your audience. This requires a fairly specialised skill-set and often a reasonable degree of creativity too.

Setting Up

I am a veteran user of social media and active in all of the most popular channels. I have plenty of experience in the management of accounts for large companies and community organisations. Your social media identity is an important and integral part of your whole on-line branding exercise and has to be approached in exactly the same way as your web build/design. Good looking accounts with appropriate and well implemented design elements are essential for a professional look on social.


I can help you to acquire higher audience or follower numbers, though ideally this should be based on the most authentic approach possible. There are many techniques that one can use to attract and recruit followers and many of these require a reasonable amount of on-going activity and creative input.


Managing dialogues with your audience requires sensitivity, insight and a comprehensive knowledge of, and trust in, your brand objectives. Adaptive ‘tone of voice’, common sense, a general capacity for research and general knowledge acquisition are all qualities required for effective social media management.

Negative Feedback

Many people are a little weary of social media and it can at times seem a bit like a shark pit. It is always necessary to be prepared for negative feedback or even general ‘trolling’ of your account(s). A good strategy to allay any contrary opinions is vital, negative commentary should always be countered with helpful advice, positive feedback and other approaches derived from your companies ethical remit. Never delete and run when, and if, you receive negative commentary on your company social media.

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