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I provide a comprehensive SEO support and advisory service. Many people think that SEO activity has to be an on-going type of service – in some cases this is true, but in most cases completely unnecessary. It is however, important to keep content up-to-date and maintain your site in a fresh condition, acquisition of back-links (over time) is vital and if you use social media (you should), then this also has to be constantly maintained. As for on-site SEO; this is normally a one stop activity, though it does involve quite a wide range of technical adjustments. I will help you to create, modify and repair a site so that its on-site SEO implementation meets all of the requirements set out by the Google Webmaster Guidelines and more!

On Site

There are many aspects of a site and hosting that directly impact upon your SEO standing. These range from correct levels of keyword and phrase use and in the correct contexts. Internal link and navigation structure / methods, meta tagging, quality and relevance of content, content tagging and naming of ‘assets’ and a whole list of other technical things described on my compliance page.


I provide an in-depth SEO analysis service that can either be a preamble to SEO remedial work or provided for your information and use by your own web team. Analysis will concentrate on the on-site / on-page effectiveness of your site SEO. The analysis report will include clear recommendations and instructions for carrying out the necessary remedies.

Social Media

I can help you to properly integrate social media with your site in terms of on-site mark-up and embedding of feeds. Also, please get in touch if you would like help with the management or setting up of social media accounts including the creation of original content, writing and blogging activity, audience building and dialogues etc.


SEO and general performance reporting is also available including in-depth analysis of competitor sites. Setting up of reporting services for your website(s) and social media is included in the remedial on-site SEO package – if these services are required.

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