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Lubuntu or Windows 11?

The impending introduction of Windows 11 may leave a lot of people feeling quite cold – could it be any worse than 10? Chances are it will continue to be invasive and resource hungry – possibly even more so! For many, a step up to 11 may require yet more investment in hardware. It is at times like these that the superior Linux option seems so attractive to many of us.



The Lubuntu ‘distro’ is continuing to be my favourite option for less well resourced systems or just to give that huge extra RAM and CPU head-room on more up-to-date machines. This is a screen grab of the latest version LXqT desktop on the Lubuntu 20.04 LTS (Long Term Support) 64bit distro running on my old HP Stream 11 notebook. It is a vastly superior alternative to Win 10 on this device.

Lubuntu is bundled with many great apps that are a like-for-like alternative to Microsoft equivalents. It seems to provide seamless support for most GPUs, WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet and includes the fabulous Linux ALSA audio controllers for super stable operation of apps such as Audacity. Linux is now a favoured platform for pro-audio production thanks to the superb stability of ALSA and the Pulse audio system interface.

Generally, I have been very satisfied with Lubuntu over the years and it is really the only Linux distro I use on both high performance and older systems such as my Notebook. The venerable Ubuntu core just works perfectly with all technical resources and apps that any web developer would need to use including Adobe Server, MSQL, Pearl, Ruby, Java etc everything just works faultlessly.

For those of us who like or need to work with the Terminal this iteration of Lubuntu includes two versions of QTerminal which seems virtually identical to the familiar LXTerminal which I have been using for nearly five years.

All round Lubuntu 20.04 64bit is just superb and works strait out of the box with no problems or excessive complexities.

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